World capitals game

world capitals game

Do you know the world's major capitals? Can you tell the capitals of countries like China, Canada, Russia, Japan, Mexico, Italy and South Korea?. Brush up your capitals with the World Capitals Quiz game from Knowledge Adventure, the maker of award-winning educational games for kids. Do you know all the capitals of the world? Test your knowledge of the capitals of Europe, Asia, Africa, North-America, South-America and Australia and Oceania. world capitals game Go ahead and play the World Capitals Quiz and check your score. You're not logged in! I think i created a high score. Countries of Africa Training: Continents slots ironman hawaii Oceans Game — This game will test how well you know the locations of the continents and oceans.


Geo quiz world capitals

World capitals game - kommen

JumpStart Art Studio JumpStart Punk Punk Blitz JumpStart Roller Squash Math Blaster B-Force Blaster JumpStart Jetpack MathBlaster Space Zapper. A name of a country is displayed on the screen. Central and South America Geography Games. Leave comments too and PLEASE spread the word. Go to your Sporcle Settings to finish the process. A great game for kids and adults alike! I think i created a high score.


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