Meaning of log

meaning of log

Log definition, a portion or length of the trunk or of a large limb of a felled tree. See more. Log definition: A log is a piece of a thick branch or of the trunk of a tree that has been cut so that it | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Define log: a usually bulky piece or length of a cut or fallen tree especially: a length of a tree trunk ready for sawing and — log in a sentence.


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Meaning of log - Aus

There are infinitely many of them, in contrast to the uniquely defined real logarithm. You need to worry about logging in to your bank account. The unique solution x is the logarithm of y to base b , log b y. Related Terms of 'log'. At length the sun set in a flood of glory, behind the distant western hills, and as darkness drew its veil around the secluded spot the sounds of preparation diminished; the last light finally disappeared from the log cabin of some officer; the trees cast their deeper shadows over the mounds and the rippling stream, and a silence soon pervaded the camp, as deep as that which reigned in the vast forest by which it was environed. Times, Sunday Times COPS formally logged a crime after the theft of a tin of biscuits from their control room kitchen. The arithmetic—geometric mean yields high precision approximations of the natural logarithm.


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